We make materials. Better.

Tundra is a materials company that helps customers make better-performing products and seize new opportunities.

Leveraging our proprietary coating technology, Tundra provides materials optimized with enhanced properties for a variety of applications. Composites can be made lighter, stronger, denser, safer or more flexible while remaining cost-competitive.

Businesses benefit from differentiating material performance that:

  • Replaces existing materials and enables new solutions
  • Opens new market opportunity
  • Improves cost efficiency
  • Reduces environmental impact

Tundra Product Platforms

We currently offer the following platforms optimized for specific end-uses:

Deliver game-changing performance and affordability to a variety of products.

Provide cost-effective nontoxic alternatives to other high- and low-density materials.

Produce processable materials optimized for injection molding and 3D printing.

Learn more about how Tundra can benefit you: