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Eklipse® materials are fiber reinforced composites. Fibers such as glass, wood, carbon and aramid are coated with Tundra’s proprietary technology (TundraKoat™) and compounded into thermoplastics at varied loadings to meet specific physical properties. Eklipse® materials can be used in the automotive, aerospace, building & construction, electrical & electronics, energy, and consumer goods markets. Eklipse® materials can be engineered for specific thermal, mechanical, and rheological properties.

Watch heat test video:

Eklipse material vs. vinyl siding

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Eklipse material vs. vinyl and fiber-cement siding

How Eklipse® Came to be:


With our experience in loading particles such as stainless steel and strontium ferrite, aided by TundraKoat™, we saw an opportunity to load fibers into polymers without the drawbacks seen by competitors.

  • In extrusion, we found that we are able to load these fibers with little to no increased wear on equipment when compared to traditional polymer extrusion
  • In injection molding, we are able to lower the viscosity of products at all loadings allowing for easier processing as well as ability to increase loading

Platform Benefits:

Increased processability and loading enhances the following properties:

  • In Extrusion:
    • Increased Strength
    • Specifically flexural modulus
    • Allows for use of dark colors and large sizes
    • Increased Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT)
    • Decreased Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CoTE)
  • In Injection Molding:
    • Increased mechanical strength, rigidity, hardness, and thermal stability as well as resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and impact
  • Value Comparable to Market Products
  • Easy to Use
    1. Your Polymer + Our Masterbatch
    2. Ready to use pellets
  • Processed with traditional plastics processing without the fear of increased wear

The Masterbatch Advantage

Your Polymer + Our Masterbatch


With the benefits of higher loading while retaining processability, Tundra is able to offer a fiber masterbatch which can then be let down by our customer. This masterbatch process allows our customers to retain their polymer supply as well as additive packages formulated for their product. It also allows our customers the ability to fine tune the fiber concentration in their end product.

Masterbatch Example:

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