Tundra offers platforms optimized with performance properties for specific applications.

Deliver game-changing performance and affordability to a variety of products.

Eklipse® composites contain a fiber with an aspect ratio greater than 3:1 in a thermoplastic or thermoset, offering an affordable and broadly applicable combination of durability, strength, stiffness, affordability and safety.

Products manufactured with Eklipse materials are resistant to heat, fire, mold and pests. They are also lightweight, paintable, impact-resistant and easy for installers to work with.

Watch heat test video:
Eklipse material vs. vinyl siding

Read focus group study results:
Eklipse material vs. vinyl and fiber-cement siding

Eklipse siding on a test house:
Eklipse material vs. vinyl siding

Eklipse glass fiber-reinforced composites have successfully completed all ASTM testing for:

• Density

• Dimensional stability

• Thermal expansion

• Tensile modulus

• Tensile strength

• Moisture absorption

• Thermal conductivity

• Flexural modulus

• Flexural strength

• Heat deflection

• Temperature cycling

• Impact strength

• Heat resistance

• Humidity cycling

Provide cost-effective nontoxic alternatives to other high- or low-density materials.

Ikonik™ composites incorporate industrially refined particles to serve a specific densifying function in a thermoplastic, thermoset, hot melt or rubber.

As environmentally responsible, equivalent-performance substitutes for lead, zinc, balsa, hollow-cavity plastic and other high- or low-density materials, Ikonik composites have potential uses for everything from automotive design to outdoor recreation, die casting, ballistics, magnetics and more.

The materials are nontoxic and meet or exceed all U.S. state regulations. They are also recyclable, work with existing polymer processing equipment and are compression-moldable.

Deliver processable materials optimized for injection molding and 3D printing.

Dynamik™ composites are highly packed with metal or ceramic particles that can be processed via injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, compression molding, extrusion or 3D printing prior to sintering.

The Dynamik platform sets a new standard for metals fabrication efficiency, adding speed and economy through the unique application of plastics forming technology. The end result is metal composites with tensile, flexural, hardness, smoothness and other properties that are equivalent to or better than those produced via metal injection molding (MIM).

The process produces an unprecedented average part shrinkage of below 5%. Dynamik products also achieve favorable flow properties at up to an 88% fill volume using a variety of metal fillers to produce net-shaped metal composites.

In addition to lower material costs and minimal shrinkage, this increased metal filler volume creates superior green-state part strength and durability that minimizes the need for supports with certain geometries. The proper rheology can also be achieved in a single step, resulting in additional savings due to increased throughput, less equipment wear and reduced infrastructure costs.

Tundra can assist you at any stage of materials innovation — from idea and development through technology transfer and production.
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