Tundra Resolves Vinyl Home Siding Melting Issues

Develops highly heat-resistant material that is also lightweight, durable and cost-effective.



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Michael Deaner, Eklipse Product Manager


St. Paul, Minn. — Tundra Companies today announced the introduction of Eklipse™, a fiber-reinforced composite material platform that, when used to manufacture home siding, resolves issues of installed vinyl siding distorting due to exposure to sunlight reflected off fenestration products from nearby homes.

Eklipse materials are produced through Tundra’s proprietary NanoKoat technology, which uniquely processes particles, polymers and coatings to bring out a variety of performance properties while controlling costs. Eklipse materials are delivered in a pelletized form that is ready for extrusion.

“Windows and patio doors have made great energy-efficiency strides, but this has created new heat issues for siding due to reflected sunlight that can produce surface temperatures above 200 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Tundra President and CEO Tom Kaiser. “As a result, there have been widespread reports of standards-compliant vinyl siding failing in the field.”

According to Kaiser, suggested fixes have ranged from a costly vinyl post-chlorination process and redesigning fenestration products to asking builders to install external solar screens, insulating unit “breather tubes,” or planting shrubs or trees to block reflection.

“Our Eklipse material provides a simple and effective solution by bringing a viable alternative material into the conversation,” Kaiser said. “On top of standing up to high heat, Eklipse material produces siding that is lightweight, durable and cost-effective. It can also be manufactured using the same equipment and processes as vinyl.”

To support the heat resistance claim, Tundra filmed the exposure of both vinyl siding and siding made from Eklipse material to the same high direct heat conditions over a one-hour period – the video can be viewed below. The time-lapse footage shows the vinyl siding first deforming at 140˚F and failing near 230˚F. The siding made from Eklipse material remained rigid and performed consistently throughout the one-hour exposure.


“This is a real game-changer for home siding and many other applications in building materials and beyond,” said Mike Deaner, Tundra Eklipse Product Manager. “Until vinyl thermal resistance can be improved in a way that also maintains its durability, low weight and value, going with Eklipse material is an easy choice. And the early adopters stand to benefit the most.”

About Tundra Companies

Founded in 2004 and based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Tundra is a materials science company that develops new materials with enhanced performance characteristics for a wide variety of applications. A proprietary coating process uniquely controls the interaction of particles and polymers, resulting in high-value materials that are lighter or heavier, stronger, denser, safer or more flexible.

Tundra equips businesses with differentiating material performance characteristics that can replace existing materials, enable new solutions, open new market opportunities, improve cost efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Tundra offers a variety of material platforms based on its proprietary coating technology, each of which is optimized with performance properties for specific applications and delivered as pelletized material that is ready for use in a variety of manufacturing processes. Those can include injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, compression molding, extruding or 3D printing.